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CowParade has become one of the most successful public art exhibits because it is literally open for all to see, unlike galleries and museums millions view their work and artists receive an honorarium for their participation. None of this would be possible however, without the support of our sponsors.

Interested in becoming part of the herd? Find out how to become a sponsor in upcoming CowParade events.


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Carex - PZ Cussons
mooThe Caring Cow
more about sponsor
Cheshire Building Society
more about sponsor
City Life magazine
mooCity Life Exposed
more about sponsor
The Co-operative Bank
mooNo. 1 Balloon Street
more about sponsor
the Co-operative Group
more about sponsor
Collectible World Studios
mooAl Cowpone
mooMoochester F.C
mooKarmoo Sutra Boy
mooKarmoo Sutra Girl
mooMoodoo Doll
mooU Heifer
mooThe Cattle of Britain
more about sponsor
Comme Ca Art Gallery & CowParade Manchester
mooThe Meerkows
more about sponsor
Communique Public Relations
mooMoo Dunnit
more about sponsor
Controlled Air Solutions Ltd
more about sponsor
Cosgrove Hall Films
mooCosgrove Hall Moo-vies
more about sponsor
Cosgrove Hall Films DangerMouse is a registered trademark of FremantleMedia Enterprises Ltd. Based
mooDanger Moo-se
more about sponsor
Cow-munity Scheme
mooBombay Bovine
mooGorton Moo-nastery
more about sponsor
CowParade London
more about sponsor
CowParade Manchester
mooSilly Cow!
mooSuburban Cow
mooMatthew Williamson
mooSusie the Cow
mooUdderly Klimt
mooUrban Cow
mooOpera Cow
mooCosmic Daisy
mooKlimt Kow
mooCow Noir
mooManchester Doodle
mooHenry Moo're
mooMoo Cow!
mooTrojan Cow
mooBlack & White Moo...vie
mooMoostic Meg
mooFlower Cow-er
mooCownt On Me
mooDamooin Herdst
mooDeep Moo Sea
mooTravelling on the 192 Bus
more about sponsor
CowParade Manchester/Manchester City Council as part of the Cow-munity Scheme.
mooA cow attempting to deceive the butcher by pretending to be a fairground attraction
more about sponsor

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